Monday, July 25, 2011

StesCodes AddressBook Importer WebService

StesCodes AddressBook Importer DLL

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 website in minutes | create website online | create c# websites online | create new websites | create personal websites | create professional websites | create professional websites online

Now a days people have more dependent on the Internet, most peoples are having their own personal and commercial websites. For creating those websites needs at-least some programming knowledge or skills. Some people will hire peoples to create their websites or they will depend on some companies to develop their websites and they really cost high. Well! StesCodes have developed an 4D principle step model where you shall create your websites in minutes, the websites are created in The first step involved in 4D is Design where users shall design their home page including logo, title text, slogan text and shall design sideshow images and more, all the design steps are very simple to handle. Users even upload their own images for logo and slide-show. Also the menu colors are even customizable.

The second step is the main process in 4D where all the pages including Aboutus, Gallery, Contact Us, Feedback and more are created. The user shall customize the contact us form and feedback form by placing several controls like text-box, text-area, check-box and radio buttons. There is no limit on creating controls. On contact us form the user can place their address to locate them on Map, also the email sending portion are configurable. The email can be send using your SMTP server or even you shall configure with gmail mail server. All the configurations and developments are done on simple button clicks.

User Shall also create their own photo gallery by use of admin panel which was secured by user-name and password. User shall create unlimited photo albums with unlimited photos. All the photos and comments are can be edited and deleted, and even the albums are deletable too. The preview of all your work can be instantly previewed by clicking the preview button on the top left. All the menus links are editable and can also be disabled.

The third step is where the user shall deploy the final edited code on their server by just entering their ftp URL, user-name and password but this shall be skipped if the user is not interested. The ftp details are securely processed by StesCodes and we wont store your ftp login information's. And the final step is download where you shall download your final source code. The project which you created on 4D will be available and shall be accessed only for 15 days by using your email id.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Friends Inviter Twitter Facebook and more using,

As on our journey StesCodes has taken the next step in sending invitation/message to their frinds. Our Friend Inviter provides the option to select their friends from various services such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, bebo, Flixer, netlog and more..The user just need to enter their credentials and then type their message or invitation by selecting their friends, finally after hitting the send button, the invitation/ message reaches their friends inbox. Friends inviter satisfies the below except twitter and LinkedIn uses oAuth. Friends Inviter versions are available for and on framework 3.5 and 4.0.
  • Stescodes uses no exe’s
  • StesCodes uses no user redirection for permission
  • StesCode source code will work both in shared and dedicated servers
  • StesCodes provides code update
  • Uses no OAuth
Invite friends
View DEMO here

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fetch Contacts from mail servers | Fetch contacts from Social networks | fetch contacts from desktop applications

Now a day in the advanced social networking world sharing some thing or inviting you friends to join the network becomes so popular. In order to invite some friends to your network you need to fetch contacts from Gmail or need to fetch contacts yahoo or may be fetch contacts from MSN or Hotmail. StesCodes provides the services to fetch contacts from Gmail, yahoo, MSN, Hotmail and Aol. StesCodes also provides code to fetch contacts from windows applications like Outlook, Outlook express etcs. StesCodes uses .net to fetch contacts from various sources.

Sometimes uses will have difficulty in integrating DLL with their code, in order to help them for those situations we provide web service to help in grabbing service. We have contact grabbing services for many social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Orkut and more. Example to fetch contacts can be found here.

StesCodes Contact Grabber

How it works:

StesCodes provides DLL or webservice for fetching contacts, all you have to do is just add the reference of those and then pass the username and password to appropriate functions and the return type is collections which contacts contacts.

1. Stescodes uses no exe’s
2. StesCodes uses no user redirection for permission
3. StesCode source code will work both in shared and dedicated servers
4. StesCodes provides code update
5. 100% UI customizable
6. Uses no AOth

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Contact Grabber for .net WinForm and WebService

StesCodes Contact Grabber is now available for,, WinForm and Webservice. The code is available in Visual Studio Framework 3.5 and framework 4.0. The Contact Grabber Webservice is very to integrate and no need to worry about the dll updates. If there is any updates available for the mail services, the user don't need to worry about the dll update instead the StesCodes will autoupdate the webservice url. To see more information on webService Click here

The Visual Studio WinForm version is supported for Framework 3.5 and 4.0.

StesCodes provides Contact Grabbing or Address importing for the below service
and more..

Download source code here

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